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Opinions of our clients

Excellent service! The folks at “Moctezuma: immigration and documentation advisers” made the process of obtaining my permanent residency completely pain-free. I didn’t need to waste time and money on translators because Perla and María took care of all the paperwork.

They helped me since the beginning with my temporary resident renewals. Each year, I simply delivered my passport and supporting documents to their office in Huatulco. They called me when my green card was ready and even personally accompanied me to the immigration office to pick it up.

Since I’ve gotten my residency, I’ve referred several friends to the offices of Moctezuma advisers. They arranged a visa extension for a friend with health issues and helped a fellow ex-pat with a more complicated legal matter. Having a good team of advisers here in Mexico gives me a tremendous sense of security.

On a scale of one to ten, I would give Moctezuma advisers a solid eleven!

Catarina Winske

Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca – Permanent resident

Independent writer in https://medium.com/rockergirl-in-mexico

In 2010 my mother and I met Lic.Perla when we were going through a very tough personal situation. Because the various difficulties we had at that time we couldn’t afford Lic.Perla's services but she helped us anyway taking our case probono. First she helped me performing a regularization and thanks to her I could have all my immigration paperwork legal again.

After this, I moved to Oaxaca City and my resident card was stolen and I did not act immediately, which further complicated the situation. So, I came back to Huatulco and looked for my dear attorney Perla who helped me once again performing a reposition.

Then, it passed 4 years since my first temporary resident card but I got confused about my expiration date and I almost lost the opportunity to became a permanent resident, so I went to Moctezuma advisers’ office where, this time, Lic.Perla wasn’t there but it was María and Fernando whom very nicely helped me to perform my last procedure and I’m now a permanent resident. I thank them infinitely because without them it’s very likely I would lost my legal stay in Mexico. I widely recommend them.

Eneyda M. Guerra Pérez

Bahías de Huatulco, Oaxaca – Permanent Resident

I have known Perla since 2008, when she helped me with my tourist visa as an INM employee. I continued to work with her, when she became self-employed. She and her team have helped me over the years with work permit, permanent residence visa, and other legal matters.

They are very helpful, reliable, honest and gets stuff done.

I highly recommend them in particular for immigration issues.

Reto Bissegger

Salchi, Oaxaca – Permanent resident Manager of Hotel Manta raya: www.mantaraya-hotel.com

Lic. Perla and her team were a solid, reliable and very determining point of reference in a very difficult moment in our lives. Thanks to them we were able to move to Mexico starting our own business, and they also helped us to obtain our permanent residency cards; all this at the right times and spending the right amount of money. Thanks for everything!

Marco Rivetti y Roberta Speranza

Mazunte, Oaxaca – Permanent resident and co-owner of Posada Olivo