Calle Mitla #602 , local 6, Edificio Conjunto Marina Playa Santa Cruz, sector A  Bahías de Huatulco - Oaxaca



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CORPORATIVO MOCTEZUMA S.C. started as a company in 2005 when Lic. Perla P Vázquez Moctezuma (also known as Perla Bednarz) began offering various legal services in Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico. With immigration being a matter of special relevance for this city (which borders Guatemala), Perla became especially interested in immigration issues. She went on to complete social service and professional practices with the National Institute of Immigration (INM). Subsequently she pursued and gained employment with INM in the position of “Local Chief in Talisman” (Talisman is a border crossing point) beginning in 2007. Later she advanced to “Deputy Director of Control and Verification” of the Siglo XXI Immigration Station (the largest in all of Mexico). Also in the INM of Chiapas she temporarily held the position “Head of the INM Regional Delegation”. Throughout this time she completed courses and earned diplomas in immigration and human rights.

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Perla P. Vazquez Moctezuma

Founder of the company

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Maria F. Morales Vázquez

Adviser in Huatulco and CEO

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Fernando Ruiz Reyes

Adviser in Huatulco, Oax

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Luis B. Morales Vázquez

Adviser in Oaxaca city

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